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Double frame round plate and frame filter



Polypropylene fabric is introduced


Polypropylene fiber filter cloth is divided into polypropylene long fiber and polypropylene staple fiber cloth cloth.


Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, ceramics, manufacturing, processing as the filter bottom and other industries, is the ideal filter material frame filter, vacuum filter and other equipment.

3、technical parameters

1\ physical properties: density (g/ cm 3): 0.9l, elongation (%):18-35 (g/d):4.5-9; fracture strength;

2\ mechanical properties: good abrasion resistance.

3\chemical properties: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability.

4\heat resistance: heat resistance of 90 : slightly shrinkage, softening point ():140-160 ():165-173; melting point

Excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, strength, and excellent degree and wear resistance, good chemical stability, good moisture absorption ability; heat resistance of 90 DEG C: slightly shrinkage; elongation (%):18-35 (g/d):4.5-9; fracture strength; softening point ():140-160 ():165-173; melting point; density (g/ cm3): 0.9l.

4、the main products

Plain: 534,:522, 750A-1,750A-2, 750A-3, 4135, PP belt etc..

Twill:2072, 521,, 700B, 700-1, 700-2F, 750B-6, 750B-7, 750B-8, 750B-9, 4884, 858, 4218, 1000B, 1000-1, 1000-2, 1000-3, 1500-1 etc..

A staple: 4212, 4422, 6525 etc.

Satin staple: 108C-3

Plain twill: 8851, 750AB-1, 750AB-2,etc.

Double satin:

108B-1, 108B-2, 108C-1, 108C-2, 1288

The above products can be customized according to customer requirements 40-320CM width.

5、products features

Polypropylene staple fiber: short fiber, yarn wool fabric ribbon; caused by industrial cloth, cloth with hair powder, filtering and pressure filtration effect than the long fiber.

Polypropylene long fiber: fiber length, yarn forming smooth fabric; the industrial cloth, cloth smooth, good air permeability.

Should product variety specification of mesh filter cloth different. Our company can according to customers to sample processing, please fax or mail to your specifications and applications, you want to sample I will be free to send to your hands. Welcome to patronize!

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